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Enter The Boltt Ecosystem. 
Boltt Makes Premium Audio, Fitness & Fashion Products Combined With Cutting Edge Technology. 


Powerful Acoustics engineered with great aesthetics


Smart Wearables To Achieve Your Perfect Workout
Distributed By Savex Technologies

Savex is India's 3rd Largest IT Distributor dealing with all major IT brands like Samsung, HP, Lenovo, Microsoft and more. With a revenue of more than 12000 Crores, 42 Warehouses and 650 cities served, Savex has a formidable distribution network. Savex is the National Distributor for all Boltt & Fire-Boltt products. 

Earn Financial Rewards for Listening to Music, Videos, Games, Fitness & More.
Connect, Listen, Watch & Earn !

Boltt Play is the world's first Gaming, Entertainment, Fitness & Rewards Ecosystem. Coins are earned by performing various activities in App like Taking Steps, Watching Videos, Listening to Music, Playing Games etc. Connect Boltt Audio Devices with the Boltt App & Double your music earnings! Coins can then be used to redeem branded products and experiences from a large In App Shop inside the Boltt Play App.


Boltt will create disruption in the market by combining Wearables & AI

Sahil Mohan Gupta, Editor Gizmodo Times

An Interesting Range Of Products, To Improve One's Fitness Regime

Michael E Parker, CEO Mintshow

An AI Based Ecosystem, Soon To Become a Boon in The Space of Health & Fitness

Blake Montgomery, Author Buzz Feed

Here's The Startup That Wants To Show Fitbit, UA & The Rest How It's Done

Michael Sawh, Editor Wearables

Great To See Boltt Provide A Richer & More Enjoyable Consumer Journey

Trevor Davis, Distinguished Engineer IBM

Its Exciting & Futuristic. Boltt Apps Give Corrective Feedback Unlike Others

Michael Hemsworth
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